Sport has tradition on the ring

(Green) Hell and back again: sport events at the Nürburgring

For more than 80 years you can find sporting challenges all around the Nürburgring and since then these challenges have not always been in motor sports. Again and again muscle power is the necessary fuel in the Green Hell.

Above all, running and cycling have a long tradition at the Nürburgring. 35 times thousands of participants ran through the Green Hell during the Nürburgring run and three times the Cycling World Championships were held at the legendary race track. Including the first Cycling Championship ever – 1927, Rudi Altig as World Champion – 1966 and 1978. At the Nürburgring success stories have always been written, not only in motor sports – as you see.

One of the most varied sport events of its kind was born from this tradition: Rad und Run am Ring (Cycling and Running at the Ring). Thousands of participants follow the call of the Green Hell every year. The secret of success: one of the most demanding race tracks in the world – Nordschleife – and participants that rise to the challenge. The track is hard to conquer and besides speed and persistency, the right strategy and a good feeling for the track are what counts. In 2011 the challenge Nordschleife attracted more than 5.000 participants to be part of the 24h cycling race.

On a good way to become a traditional event with cult status, is the Fisherman`s Friend StrongmanRun, the biggest obstacle race in the world. For the second time the run will show who can conquer the Eifel race track. Thousands have a 20 km track waiting for them. A total of 15 obstacles need to be tackled. Participants brave all adversities and let no wind, weather, dirt and mud deter them.

All around the Nürburgring region numerous cycle paths and mountain bike routes witness of the cycling enthusiasm among locals and visitors at the same time.