Participants will receive free nutrition during and after the race.

Our nutrition partner Carboo4U will provide the food for the participants with energy drinks, gels, and barst.

The Carboo4U performance drinks provide the body with the most efficient fuel for the sport, the carbohydrates. Maltodextrin as the main ingredient is high and, therefore, be concentrated at high energy losses, the optimal choice. Who likes to give not only with the liquid energy supplies variant, with the gel or the performance Carboo4U Carboo4U energy bars. All three products are served to you at the Green Hell Triathlon!
Now you can find yourself in flavor and quality of food products and satisfy our request your test package Carboo4U.

 The Carboo4U test package consists of:
 - 2 x Performance gel (each 35g)
 - 2 x performance drink (each 50g)
 - 1 x BananaOat (each 70g)
 - 1 x + Sport muesli whey protein (75g)

Price: € 10, - € (plus € 2.90 shipping)

Please order by mail

Nutririon during the
 Green Hell Triathlon

The bike nutrition will be available just after the entrance to the "Nordschleife". 1st aidstation will be at K 25. You will pass this station every lap you´ll do on the "Nordschleife" (every 20 KM).

In the 5K run round there are two aidstations.

Carboo4U bars, gel and performance drink, bananas, water, cola