Interactive Plan Green Hell Medium

1,5 km Swim

 To swim are 1.5 km in the lake Freilinger See. 

 Abbreviations will result in disqualification.


Swimcourse Freilinger See

58 km Bike


Start at lake Freilinger See. From here it gos first on the entrance (24 km) to the Nürburgring (entrance Breidscheid).

At the Nürburgring, will be completed 1.5 rounds (each 20,8 km) on the Nordschleife. The Transition Area II is located on the paddock.

The bike course is very hilly and curvy, and therefore very demanding. Gradients of up to 17% ("High eight") are to be passed.

Bikecourse Green Hell Medium
Highprofile Nordschleife 

GPS-File Bikecourse


General Information Cycling: 
 The routes are closed to the public private transport. Drafting is not allowed! There will be competition judges who will control it. Both directions as well as the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring are riddled with challenging climbs and descents. Please ride within your capabilities and checked your translation on the bike!  
 Punishment by penalty   
 * 8 minutes at the Green Hell Medium! The penalty is only through the Elite field in the penalty box tp serve. In the other cases the time will be added.  

The security personnel (police and marshals) is to be strictly followed. In cycling helmet is compulsory!

12 km Run

The second transition area is located at the Nurburgring paddock. From there it goes to the "Grand Prix track." Here are two laps of approximately 6 km to be completed.


Runcourse Grand-Prix-Track 


Highprofile Grand-Prix-Track