Announcement 2014


Race Day: 


Saturday, 2nd August 2014





Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice


Rubensstrasse 5, D - 50999 Köln



Start / Transition I:


53945 Blankenheim, Freilinger See 


Transition II, Finish:


53520 Nürburg, Nürburgring




A shuttle bus will operat between the lake Freilinger See and Nürburgring on 2nd August 2014.





Green Hell Long:

1,9 – 80 – 19 km


Green Hell Medium:

1,5 – 58 - 12 km

Green Hell Small:
0,5 - 37 - 6 km



Special category:


Athletes may only participate in one special category!



Age restrictions:

Green Hell Small: 16 years and older 

Green Hell Medium: 18 years and older 

Green Hell Long: 20 years and older


Fees (incl. taxes):


Green Hell Small: € 65,-
Green Hell Small Relay: € 75,-
Green Hell Medium: € 109,-
Green Hell Medium Relay: € 129,-

Green Hell Long: € 199,-

Green Hell Long Relay: € 239,-

Green Hell Small: € 80,-
Green Hell Small Relay: € 90,-
Green Hell Medium: € 130,-
Green Hell Medium Relay: € 150,-

Green Hell Long: € 230,-

Green Hell Long Relay: € 270,-



Online registration:


Closes on 15th August 2014. If we reach the minimum participants nummber the online registration will be stay open till 14th July 2014!
In case of non-attendance registration fee will not be refund. 
Withdrawal till 15th Feburary 2014 70% of the registration fee can be refund.
Withdrawal till 30th May 2014 50% of the registration fee can be refund.
Any bank service charges will be addinional costs for the participant, so will be reversal debit.
The right for a starting place will be valid after receipt of payment.
It ist possible to conclude a withdrawal-insurances (Green Hell Smal € 4,- / Green Hell Medium € 5,- / Green Hell Long € 7,-). 
You may however elect a substitute participant. If you wish to do so, please inform us either in writing before 15th Juni 2014 via email OR in person at the start number distribution area on race day. A substitution fee of €10 will apply.

The organizer reserves the right to reject applications for important reasons or to pronounce a start prohibition.


Last Minute Registration: 


You may also register on 1st and 2nd August if the starter list is still open


Last Minute Registration Fees:

Green Hell Small: 10,- €
Green Hell Medium: 15,- €

Green Hell Long: 20,- €


Time measurement and analysis:




Chip Fee:


Every participant has to rent a abavent transponder (NO ChampionChip!). The transponder has to be returned automatically after finish. The use of the time2finish transponder is mandatory during the race.



Athlete Registration:


Ring Boulevard, Nürburgring
Friday 01st August: from 2 till 8 pm
Saturday 02nd August: from 10 am till 3pm




Pasta Party will take place on Friday 01st August 2014 in Ring Boulevard. Tickets (covering pasta and beverages) can be purchased for €10 when registering online or on the evening for €12.





Extensive destination catering for all participants.


Green Hell Medium:
Prize money for the first three overall winners

1. place € 500,-

2. place € 300,-

3. place € 100,-

 - Property prices for the first three of each age class (as evidenced by the scoring system of the organizer).

 -Property prices for the first three relays

Green Hell Half:
Prize money for the first three overall winners

1. place € 1.000,-

2. place € 500,-

3. place € 250,-

Property prices for the first three of each age class (as evidenced by the scoring system of the organizer).

 -Property prices for the first three relays

Prize money will be transferred after billing to Nürburgring Automotive GmbH from August to October!
There are also special rates that are distributed to individual placements.
An addition to the prize money rankings by various (special) valuations is not possible! It is paid only one (the highest) in prize money!









Race results will be available on the evening of each race day or, at the latest, on 03rd August 2014 on the Internet.



Musik and speaker:






Medical Support:


Athletes may avail of a free massage and physio service after their competition. 30 massage benches will be available and are provided by the Döpfer Schulen 


Legal Liability:


Each participant must arrange their own personal insurance coverage. The organizer is not liable for any injury, accidents or bodily and other damage caused.

The organizer reserves the right not to start, to suspend or cancel the contest in a storm / lightning storms or other unforeseen reasons and / or disasters of. A refund of entry fees in this case is not possible.

Helmets are compulsory on the bike course.

The participant waives its application to any recourse.

Glass objects (especially bottles) are not to be used or transported on the course including the transition zone.

After the competition, the bikes and removable bags are handed out only by presenting the starting number to staff employed.

The trafficability of the running and cycling course for operation vehicles from the police, fire-fighters and the accident ambulance has to be guaranteed at any time. If necessary the op-eration vehicles have priority before the athletes, also if the consequence is a time penalty for the athlete. 

Find or coplete disclaimer here



The Community of Nürburg, City cirle Euskirchen and the Rheinland Pfälzer Triathlon Association; execution according to valid German race regulations.





We recommend our presented Hotels in "Hotels" for hotel bookings .





Photos will be taken throughout the weekend by the professional photographers and can be purchased online after the event.








Cologne two two six – Raceoffice Köln: 


Tel. 0221 / 29 49 931 (Mo. till Fr. 10:00-18:00)


E-Mail: info(at) 
Uwe Jeschke, Tel. 0221 / 29 49 933; Mobil: 0172 / 618 27 22